How to gain weight a girl?

The question of how to gain weight quickly for a girl should be decided based on several factors: reasons, goals and heredity. If the purpose of gaining weight is not to save from exhaustion, everything else refers to the desire to locally increase the volume of subcutaneous fat in the area of the buttocks, chest, face. It should be understood that it is impossible to achieve the necessary result urgently without surgery and active sports. However, it is possible to increase body weight and improve the outline of the silhouette in thinness gradually.
The main factors for weight loss
It is as difficult for girls to gain weight as it is to lose extra pounds. It is possible to get better safely with the help of a dietitian. Contact a doctor for several reasons. Perhaps he will prescribe you this remedy:

First, a drastic change in diet out of a desire to achieve an effect in a week has a devastating effect on metabolism. The opposite result is possible – the weight can fall even more.

Secondly, without special help, fat can be deposited in “wrong” places and unevenly.

Another aspect is the preservation of the silhouette, maintaining the outline of the chest, waist line, hips. With changes in body weight, it is necessary to maintain skin tone to avoid deformities, stretch marks, varicose veins. Do not use dubious methods, such as hormonal drugs.

Changing your eating habits
Changing food discipline is a key factor in weight gain. Increasing your body weight requires increasing your daily caloric intake. To add about 0.4-0.5 kg a week, you need to add 500 calories to your usual daily caloric intake.

This is enough to gradually gain weight without harming your health. When doing sports, the increase in daily calories should be proportional to the energy expended and a little more. Changing your diet and eating habits includes the following aspects:

A gradual increase in daily calories;
increasing the amount of protein, carbohydrates;
increasing the volume of a single serving;
an abundant drinking regimen.
After meals, it is recommended to rest more. In the daily diet must be present fresh pastry, dairy products, meat, fish. Fast food, chips, smoked foods and other calories are not recommended. Single portion should be a little more than usual, preferably with a supplement. The food should be of high quality.

As a supplement to the basic diet you should add yeast-like vitamins, other vitamin complexes that include vitamin B, protein-based sports nutrition. Of sweets can be any confectionery, ice cream, marshmallow, jelly.

Eliminating bad habits
Changing the diet, it is necessary to eliminate bad habits: smoking, alcohol. Smoking not only does not contribute to weight gain, but also greatly aggravates the overall condition. Alcohol at low weight often leads to acute intoxication. Vomiting, hangover syndrome, on the contrary, reduce weight, remove fluid from the body.

If it is impossible to quit smoking immediately, you can significantly limit the daily doses of tobacco. In addition, smoking immediately after a meal leads to active absorption of toxic substances, disrupts the metabolism. Bad habits have a devastating effect on the appearance of the body.

The body gets stressed during the transition to a new diet and lifestyle, smoking and alcohol only aggravate the situation, contribute to the development of various diseases, the exacerbation of existing chronic pathologies.

Strength training
Specialists recommend that women begin to increase body weight by building muscle mass. The simultaneous increase in daily calories along with strength training helps to evenly distribute the growing body mass. In addition, strength training promotes appetite. A set of strength training exercises should include:

squats with weights;
loads on the forearms, shoulders, rear thighs;
leg press;
leg curls on weight machines;
pull-ups, push-ups, and barbell training.
Strength training contributes to the gradual build-up of muscle mass, the missing volume of subcutaneous fatty tissue and muscle structures in the right places. The method cannot be called fast, the first results are observed in a month or more.

There is no single recipe for creating the necessary volume in the right places instantly. Changing your lifestyle and eating habits based on just one desire, as well as if you do not understand the right approach to the steps, leads to undesirable consequences.

Before starting the process of body mass building, it is necessary to consult a doctor for possible contraindications.

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