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Privacy Policy

At this time, and in addition to the considerations made in our “Legal Notice”, the privacy policy is based on:

- To request only the data strictly necessary to provide portal services. For example, if you want to receive e-mail the content owners that interest you do not need us more than a nickname, a password and email address (not required name or surname, or mailing address, etc …)

Finally, when you enlist in the service of receiving headlines by email, the email messages you receive will be exclusively related to the topic of your choice, and not to any other topic. These guidelines only apply to content stored under the new

- Only automatically obtain the minimum technical information necessary to give good service. When connected, we only analyze the type of browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc..) And version in order to select the most appropriate style sheet and the display of the site is correct, as well as language and the character of your browser with the same reason (for example, to look good accents).

- Use of “cookies” to visit only for statistical purpose (in particular, know the number of unique visitors has our site) and do not store more information than a 128-bit number generated randomly.

if the user does not wish to accept the recording of “cookie” on your computer, you can browse the site without any restrictions.

All contents are being presented just for sake of general knowledge. We don’t handle legal queries. All contents are unique & copyright protected.

These guidelines only apply to content stored under the