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Prostatitis – A chronic Prostate Problem

Prostatitis is characterized by

  • Complaints: the discomfort and / or pain in the perineum, in the testes, pubic, sacral area, sometimes there is discharge from the urethra, urination disorders; Decrease erection and sexual desire (libido) may be Asymptomatic!
  • Complications if untreated: reduced erection and libido, prostate stones, infertility, prostate cancer!
  • Causes of prostatitis: getting into the prostate infection, not a regular sexual life, little sedentary life!

Treatment of prostatitis

The duration of treatment of prostatitis from 30 to 45 days must complete three landmarks! Treatment of prostatitis include: full ambulatory monitoring; drugs; protseduramy, massages, magnetic-therapy. The treatment of prostatitis includes: restoration of erections and libido, and semen quality!

The cost of complex treatment of prostatitis - from 17 000-28 000 depending on the degree of neglect of the disease! Gained over many years of experience in the treatment of prostatitis can get very good results!

Chronic prostatitis

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland - the main support male prostate gland. The prostate is located in the pelvic area of the bladder, it is circularly surrounds the bladder neck and the initial portion of the urethra. Infection-inflammation in the prostate gland can occur for many reasons and with the assistance of additional factors. The main reason was hit in the prostate of sexually transmitted infections!

Full description of the disease

Prostatitis, chronic prostatitis, is considered one of the most common infectious and inflammatory diseases of the male genito-urinary organs, faced by men of 25-50 years. According to WHO, chronic prostatitis suffer from 30 to 58% of men. Today this disease is increasingly common in men in the most active age of sexual and labor relations.

Symptoms of chronic prostatitis directly affect the quality of life! Prostatitis - the disease is an urgent medical and social problem!

Causes inflammation of the prostate

One of the most frequent causes of prostatitis - a penetration of infection in the prostate!
Ways of penetration of infection:

  • Ascendant: through the urethra into the prostate gland excretory flow in the mucous membrane of the prostatic urethra, ie outside. The emergence of prostatitis falling through: through infected urine in cystitis, pielonifrite.
  • The emergence of prostatitis due to penetration of blood-borne infection in the presence of pockets of infection in the body, which is located far from the prostate gland (sinusitis, tonsillitis, proctitis, etc.).

Factors that contribute to prostatitis.

  • The presence of infection in the body; Sedentary lifestyle; Irregular sexual life.
  • Do not complete the sexual act.

Features flow prostatitis

Prostatitis - a disease that often goes unnoticed patients due to the fact that often can proceed primary chronic (chronic prostatitis), Asymptomatic or with minor subjective symptoms!!! In this regard, it is imperative to conduct a regular survey of the prostate gland, especially in men aged 25 to 50 years!

Prostatitis often develop

Gradually, ie primary chronic! The patient, early in the illness, had not the public complaints, but further complaints are beginning to appear. Asymptomatic development! Characteristic symptoms did not! The only concern - reducing patentsii and sexual desire (libido). Active development of the disease, ie complaints and manifestations.

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