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Prostatitis symptoms

Prostatitis is classified into 4 types by the National Institute of Health, depending on factors like occurrence, span of the disease, affect on the immune system and its indications. The categories are:

  • 1st Category: Acute bacterial prostatitis
  • 2nd Category: Chronic or Recurring bacterial prostatitis
  • 3rd Category: Chronic prostatitis/chronic pubic ache
  • 4th Category: Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis

Commonly observed symptoms

The symptoms vary as per the infection one has. Generally pain in the pubic or pelvic area, discomforting while urinating or ejaculating are considered as standard indication. Some other indications might be:

  • Dysuria, a medical term for burning sensation while urinating
  • Tentative urinal discharge
  • Nocturia, which is recurring urine, in particular during the night time
  • Pressing need to urinate
  • Ache or inflammation in the groin or lower back
  • Perineum, ache in the region lying between the penis and rectum
  • Paining penis or testicles
  • Discomforting ejaculations

Some prominent differences are observed between the 4 categories.

 Acute bacterial prostatitis

If one suffers from this, the following are some symptoms of the infection:

    * Elevated temperature
* Cold strokes
* Motion sickness
* Vomit
* Illness, or a similar discomfited feeling

Chronic (Recurring) bacterial prostatitis
UTIs (Urinary Tract Infection) are the most prominent feature of this infection. However, amongst the incurring of this infection; the patient can even show no sign of infection or harsh symptoms.

Chronic prostatitis/chronic pubic ache
The condition is labeled repeating or chronic when the symptoms do not go away for more than 3 months. These vary with different men. Some show these indications for lifetime and for some these may oscillate between severe to mild sessions. For some, these symptoms get better without undergoing any treatment.

Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis
In case one has this. No symptoms are shown. The infection is revealed during routine physical checkups.

The time to visit the Doctor
The indications for prostatitis are common to many diseases of the pelvic region and gonads. If ignored these symptoms can severely affect the daily well being and health of a person. Whenever one faces any problems or pain while urinating or during ejaculations, they should consult the doctor immediately for the appropriate steps.

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